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#DronesforukraineVOL 2.

Dear friends of Ukraine,
In cooperation with the Ukrainian Embassy, HRDLIČKA Holding, GISMA and the Association of Geomatics Entrepreneurs we are renewing the collection of drones to help Ukraine, which was attacked by the Russian aggressor and has been bravely defending itself for more than 1 year thanks to such help – like is our project – occupation.

After discussions with the Ukrainian side, we identified their current urgent needs, which include a critical shortage of civilian drones with thermal camera and drones with infrared camera for night work. The drones will be used in particular by the militia to monitor Russian troop movements.

We would welcome a financial donation for which we will buy the special drones required by the Ukrainian side. Thank you to everyone who wants to continue helping.

1 800 000
amount of drones sent
total contributors
pieces of drones

what we collect

money to buy specific drones
- DJI Mavic 3 Classic
- DJI Mavic 3T Enterprise

how to financially support

through our
Horizont HG 2014 Foundation
IBAN CZ5801000001077515850217, SWIFT KOMBCZPPXXX
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we handed over in 2022

In the second phase of the "Drones for Ukraine" project, we are handing over special drones directly to the Ukrainian Embassy.
March 2023 – fifth handover

project news

26. 2. 2022 – Two days after the Russian aggressor invaded Ukraine, we are launching a website and a project Drones for Ukraine.
28. 2. 2022 – We are collecting drones for Ukraine and organizing a collection in cooperation with the Ukrainian Embassy and partners.
31. 3. 2022 – A press release on the Drones for Ukraine project was issued by the non-profit organization HORIZONT HG 2014.
25. 1. 2023 – For almost a year we have been helping Ukraine defend against aggression and coming up with projects to support it.
23. 3. 2023 – We are participating in the international trade fair Rebuild Ukraine in Warsaw with the project Rebuild Ukraine.

do not hesitate to contact us

For more information you can email us at info@hrdlicka.cz.